Staffing MS implements unique double sourcing model for GVB

GVB transports between eight-hundred-thousand and a million passengers a day by tram, bus, metro and ferry. With over 4,000 employees including temporary and external professionals, the company is among Amsterdam’s biggest employers. It is also one of the best employers and clients in the capital. Staffing Management Services and HeadFirst, both part of HeadFirst Group, administer external hiring in a unique way for this diverse organisation.

Eric Meijer, Senior Technology, Staff and ICT Recruiter at GVB: “GVB’s ambition is to become the best employer in Amsterdam. We want this not only for our own employees, but also for our contingent workforce. A well-structured hiring process and proper processing of contractual and financial matters are a pre-requisite for this. In Staffing MS, we have found a professional organisation that supports us as a partner.”

Double sourcing-model

To achieve its mission of safe, hospitable, comfortable and reliable public transportation, GVB also wants to hire the best external professionals. Staffing MS was commissioned for this. Staffing MS uses a double sourcing model, which guarantees finding the best professionals in two steps.

  1. Open market strategy. A public recruitment desk allowing all suppliers and freelancers in the market to offer for assignments.
  2. Closed network strategy. An intermediary (for GVB, this is HeadFirst) is used to actively approach its ‘warm’ network of suppliers and freelancers on specific assignments. A must in periods of shortage. The best candidates are presented by the recruiter in the MSP’s independent process.

Hiring partner

Meijer: “We have great expectations of our hiring partner. They need to supply us with quality external professionals. We want this to be at the best possible value for money, so that hiring takes place cost-effectively, without detriment to operational standards. What’s more, the contractual management of these flex-workers needs to be properly administered and compliant. To realise this, we attach great value to having a reliable partner. Staffing MS more than meets our expectations.”

Enhanced partnership

Knowledge integrator, HeadFirst has been a contracting party for the hiring of independent professionals and suppliers of professionals since 2013. From this master agreement, HeadFirst administers the contracting, time tracking and billing for professionals hired through the GVB hiring marketplace. As from 1st May 2018, the external hiring of HR professionals will be added to this list. This third addition brings an extra dimension to the collaboration between GVB and HeadFirst Group.

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