Fewer stages, less paper and less manual work

Have you heard about the benefits of our e-invoice solution? It makes Staffing MS invoice processing even faster! We can relieve you of the cumbersome administrative burden and help you optimise the invoicing process.

What is an e-invoice?

An e-invoice is a structured digital file that is delivered electronically. The invoice is created in UBL-format (XML file), whereby all data is tagged with code. This code is then used by a program that supports UBL to instantly recognise the invoice details and integrate it – entirely automatically – into the accounting.

Why does Staffing MS use e-invoices?

Since 2017, suppliers to the national government are obliged to send e-invoices for new purchasing agreements. In addition, on 18th April 2019 it became mandatory for all contracting authorities to have the necessary facilities for receiving and processing e-invoices like the government. PDF invoices are no longer permitted. However, the government mandate was not behind Staffing MS’s move towards e-invoices: e-invoicing offers a super-fast billing process that saves you lots and lots of time. It is not only reserved to (semi-) government agencies, but offers an effective solution for a great many clients.

How does e-invoicing work?

In order to be able to produce the invoices digitally, Staffing MS works together with Storecove on the PEPPOL network. Via this network, the e-invoice is submitted directly to your accounting software in the form of an entry. As long as the accounting software is configured for processing UBL invoices, all you need to do is verify and approve the entry. Naturally, Staffing MS ensures that all e-invoices meet current legal requirements.

What are the benefits?

  • Ease: processing is fully automated
  • Efficiency: paperless process
  • Precision: no errors with digital processing
  • Safety: ISO27001 compliant hosting

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