MSP in the Netherlands

Is MSP conquering the Netherlands? We are indeed seeing Staffing MS’s Managed Service Provider service add clear value to more and more employers. But what does MSP in the Netherlands actually entail?

The Managed Service Provider relieves the burden

A Managed Service Provider takes care of external hiring on behalf of companies and organisations. An MSP acts as an extension of the HR team and purchasers, takes processes off their hands and optimises wherever possible. It is a service that goes beyond that of the usual contract management parties and intermediaries.

Of course, the MSP also provides complete administrative contract management, including on- and off-boarding, digital file creation, invoicing and reporting. And just like the intermediaries, it performs candidate search and matching. But above all, the MSP is the party that runs through business planning with HR teams and purchasers and plans external hiring requirements for the long- and short-term. A large proportion of their responsibilities are taken off their hands, and a well-functioning recruitment plan is created and implemented. That includes creation of the requests. The MSP professionals thus represent a fully-fledged discussion partner who ‘know’ the business and have a direct line to the client’s HR and purchasing teams.

Because the provider serves multiple clients, oversees a comprehensive network of suppliers and is equipped with advanced Vendor Management System solutions, an MSP can often not only relieve Dutch companies of some of the burden, but also achieve some serious cost savings within the complex hiring chain.

Key driver for MSP in the Netherlands: labour shortage

The corporate and (semi)government worlds fish in one and the same pond, of course. And despite tentative predictions that the market is beyond boiling point, we still find ourselves in strong competition for roles at MBO+, HBO and WO-education level in particular. In a ‘seller’s market’ like this, whereby the employees are the sellers, it is of course very important that the hiring is conducted by a party that knows the market. A party that can do more than external hiring alone and can take care of contract management. A partner with whom organisations can discuss their business operations on both the tactical and strategic level, planning their hiring needs jointly. For more and more businesses in the Netherlands, the use of an MSP to take care of the full hiring process and tackle scarcity in the market is proving the go-to solution.

Greater need for MSP in the Netherlands due to complex legislation and regulations

The fundamental debate taking place on the balance between temporary and permanent work in the Netherlands will have escaped nobody’s attention. Many employers are enthusiastic about the contingent workforce, which keeps fluctuations in the volume and type of employees manageable. At the same time, the politicians are concerned with the legal position of less highly educated employees in particular, who are also increasingly being forced into such flex-structures.

In concrete terms, policy makers have responded with new laws such as the wet DBA (deregulering beoordeling arbeidsrelatie) and the Wet arbeidsmarkt in balans (WAB). This legislation is intended to create clarity, yet does not always succeed, to put it mildly. This is another reason why companies and organisations are seeking out a business partner: someone who not only ‘processes requests’ but is also capable of proactively addressing changes in legislation and regulations and of shielding clients from the potholes.

Keen to familiarise yourself with the service package of a Managed Service Provider?

Want to know more about how an MSP goes about this in the Netherlands? Talk to the experts; a party with a long track record in delivering MSP services to companies and (government) organisations. At Staffing MS, we perform the role of MSP to our clients on a daily basis. We keep a handle on and administer their total end-to-end hiring process. We maintain a huge network of suppliers and freelancers, which generates better quality candidates, faster. Our streamlined MSP-chain provides an efficient, cost-saving (10-20%!) and seamless administrative process you no longer need worry about. What’s more, we make sure that we always do this in accordance with the laws and regulations applicable at the time – even if they change from one day to the next.

Want to know more about our Staffing MS approach? Get in touch. We’d be happy to talk you through it. Please contact us.

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