Staffing MS launches optimised Hiring Desk

Managed Service Provider (MSP) Staffing MS – part of HeadFirst Group – is known among other things as a specialist Hiring Desk provider. Over 50 organisations are already making use of the hiring desk in the form of a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) and / or marketplace, supported by Staffing MS. Each and every one of these businesses will soon benefit from an optimised portal. First in line are Inhuurdesk Groene Hart en Inhuurdesk Alphen aan de Rijn. Wouter Waaijenberg, Managing Director at Staffing MS, explains the advancements made.

A hiring desk for public and private

1st July 2016 saw the revised Public Procurement Act (aanbestedingswet) come into effect. It meant that organisations with a public procurement obligation needed to re-think their hiring strategy. Many of them moved over from a hiring marketplace to a DPS. “With a number of ‘lawful’ amendments, it was possible for the popular marketplaces to become appropriate for use with a DPS, so that (semi-)government organisations would also be able to hire external professionals in line with the European rules on public procurement. The DAS is a lawful support tool that is available as part of the Recruitment Desk. All with a common goal: to advertise assignments and facilitate contract management.

The Hiring Desk is also deployed by the MSP in the private sector, particularly for ‘open market’ strategy, whereby independent professionals and suppliers of professionals can register with the client’s Hiring Desk free of charge to be able to respond to open assignments.


The first thing you notice about the Hiring Desk is the new style. Waaijenberg: “During its development, a lot of attention was given to user-friendliness for professionals and suppliers wanting to be informed about hiring assignments. The style is contemporary and fresh, yet the open assignments are clearly listed on the homepage.”

The second update concerns a direct link with Nétive VMS, which makes it possible to automatically post requests on the Hiring Desk, based on their status. Awards are also posted instantly on the back of assignments created for a request. “Previously, our consultants had to input requests in two places in order to publish them externally on the Hiring Desk. This is no longer necessary, meaning that the throughput speed for a request is even shorter. Considering the number of requests we process on a daily basis, this is a huge optimisation for both consultant and client”, comments Waaijenberg.

Lastly, the portals received the latest security updates and were brought up to speed with current technology standards. A well-maintained website is not only more user-friendly for the visitor, but is also safer. Plus, Google places well-maintained websites higher up in the search results. “Significantly advantageous for drawing client requests to the attention of specialist professionals”, concludes Waaijenberg.

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